dambulla cave tempale

                   DAMBULLA CAVE TEMPALE
also known as the golden temple of dambulla is a 
world heritage site ( 1991) in sri lanka situated 
in the central part of the country.

dambulla is the largest and best preserved cave tempal 
complex sri lanka.the rock towers 160 m over the surrounding
plains.there are more than 80 documented caves which contain
statues and paintings.these paintings and statues are related to gautama buddha and his life.there are a total of 153 buddha statues
three statues of sri lanka kings and four statues of good and goddesses.the latter include vishnu and ganesha.the murals cover
an area of 2 100 square metres ( 23,000 sq ft ) depictions on the 
walls of the caves include the temptation by the demon mara.and buddha"s first sermon.


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