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History of Sigiriya

SIGIRIYA THE HISTORY OF SIGIRIYA sigiriya dates back from over 7,000 years ago,through pre-historic to  proto-historic to esrly historic times,then as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 3rd century BC with caves prepared and  donated by devotees to the sangha. the mahavamsa,the ancient historical record of sri lanka,describes king kasyapa as a parricide, who murdered his father king  dhatusena by walling him up alive and then usurping the throne which rightfully belonged to his brother escape from the armies of mogallana,kasyapa is said to have built his palace on the summit of sigiriya,but mogallana finally managed to get to kasyapa and he  committed suicide. however, there is also another version of the kasyapa story, related  by one of the most eminent historians of sri lanka,prof.senerat  paranavitana.he claims to have deciphered the story of sigiry.written by a monk named ananda in the 15th this work had been inscribed

dambulla cave tempale

                   DAMBULLA CAVE TEMPALE   also known as the golden temple of dambulla is a  world heritage site ( 1991) in sri lanka situated  in the central part of the country. dambulla is the largest and best preserved cave tempal  complex sri lanka.the rock towers 160 m over the surrounding plains.there are more than 80 documented caves which contain statues and paintings.these paintings and statues are related to gautama buddha and his life.there are a total of 153 buddha statues three statues of sri lanka kings and four statues of good and goddesses.the latter include vishnu and ganesha.the murals cover an area of 2 100 square metres ( 23,000 sq ft ) depictions on the  walls of the caves include the temptation by the demon mara.and buddha"s first sermon.