YouTube and mobile ads drove strong revenue growth for Google last quarter

Google simply free its financials for Q2 2015, the primary such unleash the corporate is creating below the steering of latest corporate executive Ruth Porat. the corporate created revenues of $17.7 billion, Associate in Nursing eleven p.c year-over-year increase. whereas Google's still growing, things have slowed a little since last year, tho' — in Q2 2014, the corporate inflated revenue twenty two p.c over the previous year.

As usual, advertising is what's creating Google money; total advertising revenue of $16 billion was additionally up eleven p.c over the previous year, however Google's tiny "other revenues" class grew seventeen p.c over Q2 2014. that features revenues from product just like the Google Play Store; Porat aforementioned that the corporate saw "substantial growth" within the Google Play business, however that growth was offset by declines within the company's hardware

"Google remains growing — simply not as fast"

Porat cited growth in mobile search advertising further as YouTube as 2 key drivers for overall revenue growth — a message kind of like what Google cited as necessary factors going forward half-moon. Indeed, she light-emitting diode off the earnings decision with a little on YouTube, noting that the platform has been delivering nice user engagement — in numbers, she aforementioned that watch time on YouTube is up sixty p.c year over year, the quickest rate of growth the corporate has seen in 2 years. Mobile YouTube watch time has likewise doubled within the last year.

While Google remains growing, the swiftness revenue growth might begin to point out its impact in different elements of the business. Earlier in the week, The Wall Street Journal reportable that the corporate would abate its usually aggressive hiring strategy to save lots of cash, and indicated that different changes is also afoot. very like its revenue, Google remains growing — simply not as quick because it wont to.

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