Exploring the Windows 10 Settings menu

Open up the Windows ten professional business executive Preview (Build 10130), and you may most likely notice one thing new on the new hybrid begin menu/screen: 3 permanent links - Settings, Documentsand Power.

Wait a second -- Settings?

Click Settings, and also the new Windows ten Settings menu can open in an exceedingly new window. It's clean, with big, touch-friendly icons and easy descriptions, and it's the same as the computer settings menu in Windows eight. however whereas the computer settings menu was hidden within the Charms bar (Charms > Settings > amendment computer settings), this new Settings menu is true there on the beginning menu.
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I'd say that the new Settings menu is wherever you may attend amendment your PC's settings, however that is not entirely true. The board, that is hidden away as was common, remains a hub for many of your PC's settings -- even settings that seem on the Settings menu. Earlier this year, it gave the look of Microsoft was maybe associate attempt|attempting} to induce eliminate the board altogether (they did take away Windows Update from the board in an earlier build, and place it within the new Settings menu -- and it's still there). however Build ten130 goes to be one in every of the last builds before Windows 10 comes out on July twenty nine, and also the board still homes plenty of necessary settings.

The new Settings menu is useful: it brings most of your PC's basic settings out of the board, thus users WHO are not comfy excavation around within the Device Manager will see their connected hardware and alter their web settings. The Settings menu additionally adds a number of settings that ne'er existed within the board to start with -- particularly, privacy choices engaged toward pill and phone users.

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