Audi is sending a Quattro rover to the moon for the Google Lunar XPrize

Google is funding a $30 million new-age house race, a contest to envision WHO are often the primary to place a rover on the moon and canopy five hundred meters across the satellite surface, all whereas beaming back high-definition footage to Earth. A series of freelance groups round the world area unit competitive , and Audi simply got here the sport in a very huge approach. The auto manufacturer proclaimed weekday that's has signed on with the German team half Time Scientists.

We visited half Time Scientists last year to visualize out AN earlier version of their four-wheel-drive rover because it motorised across a simulated satellite atmosphere, testing to confirm the rover's optical systems would add the cruel conditions on the moon.

The rover shall henceforward be referred to as the Audi satellite Quattro. It definitely fulfills the naming criteria, with machine freelance drive, and i would say the brushed metal end fits quite showing neatness inside the Audi aesthetic, too.
Audi and half Time Scientists hope to launch the rover to the moon in 2017. Audi

Audi aforesaid in a very announcement weekday it's supporting the half Time Scientists with its data in many technical school fields, "from quattro all-wheel drive and light-weight construction to electrical quality and piloted driving." additionally to power, Audi can hopefully offer the team the funding it must get their rover up wherever it belongs.

Audi and half Time Scientists hope to launch to the moon in 2017. But, with 2 different GLXP groups, Astrobotic and Hakuto, going to build their launch in 2016, Audi could also be coming into the race to a small degree bit late. notwithstanding WHO gets there 1st, we all win.

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